Your Headshot says more about you than your website ever could.

We help you make sure that your message is on-point.


Steps to a successful Branding Session:


Book your session. Use the “book now” button below to select the time and date that best works for your schedule.


We send you a questionnaire to pinpoint exactly what you need in a branding image.

Don’t know?

Don’t worry!

We can help guide you to the answer. This is also where you decide if hair and makeup or an extended session is right for you.


Show up for your session and let us do the rest of the work. At your appointment we will look through and select your images so you leave satisfied and confident in your new branding images.


Things to consider:

Studio vs Environmental

Our studio has the ability to provide branding images with multiple background all in the same beautiful space. Whether you are looking for contemporary solid colors with studio lighting, or a more natural outdoor look, our location in the historic Prior Works building in St Paul has what you need.

When we discuss backgrounds for your branding image there are two main terms we will be using.

Studio: Studio Portraits have the ultimate flexibility for your personal brand. Backgrounds can include solid paper, canvas, or environmental detail. This is a perfect choice for someone who wants to stand apart from the crowd while still maintaining a traditional approach.

Perfect for:

  • Professionals

  • Speakers/Authors/Academics

  • Actors

  • LinkedIn

  • Creative and Traditional Industries

Environmental/Outdoor: Environmental Portraits are the fresh take on a traditional service and are perfect for creatives who want to have the feeling of space and movement in their image. They are an unconventional choice for out-of-the-box clients that work in industries that can handle a more modern take on branding. Even here in the cold northlands these portraits can be taken (carefuly) year-round.

Perfect for:

  • Creative Industries

  • Actors

  • Social Media or Dating Profiles

 Do you have more questions? Call us or send us a note: