ASD and Sensory-friendly resources

I am thrilled to be partnering with the Autism Society of Minnesota AUSM to provide my families extra resources to make their visit successful.

My studio is perfect for both natural light and studio light sessions, and the majority of my clients have great success with both systems. I take extra time to acclimate children to the idea of studio lights before we even begin taking pictures, which I find pays off the in the long run. If you child has extra-sensory sensitivities around light please let me know and we can design a successful session around their needs. My natural light sessions are booked Tuesday through Friday at 10am and noon.

Download my Going to the Photographer social narrative and a template to create your own Power Card! Coming fall of 2019: I am partnering with a local artist to create a download that will walk you through a visit to my studio. As we work on the narrative, feel free to reach out with any questions you or your child may have that will make the session a successful one for your family.