As much as I love photography, I might love teaching it just a little more. Every part of the craft facisnates me, so introducing people into everything it entails will never get old. From the physics of photography to the composition and post-production, I offer group classes and one-on-one individual instruction on every aspect of digital photography.

Group Classes

I am available on a very limited basis to teach customized group classes. Please use the contact form below to let me know what type of group class you are interested in scheduling. I have programs geared towards both adults and children ages 10-18.

You can also find me teaching a few group classes throughout the year at St Paul Community Education.

Individual Instruction

I am available to work with you one-on-one on as a private photography tutor. This is perfect for my students that want to move faster than a group class will allow or need to fill in certain gaps in their knowledge. Individual instruction starts at $100 for the first two hours and each additional is $50/hr. Package and small-group discounts are available.

Check out this list of topics students are currently working on:

  • Lightroom Fundamentals

  • Slideshow Presentations

  • DSLR 101

  • Working with Studio Lights

  • Lighting Basics

  • Backing up and Organizing Photos

  • Advanced DSLR

  • Off-camera flash

  • Composition

  • Photoshop Fundamentals

  • How to work with children

  • Posing

  • Competition Prints

  • Cellphone Camera Basics

  • Lens Choices

Youth Instruction

I have designed several courses for kids ages 10 and up (that is my best guess at age, if you think your kid can handle the physics bring it on!) and also offer individual instruction at the same rate as above. 

Teaching Testimonial:

I learned so much (I think the main thing I learned is that I have about a million things to learn, especially about lighting). I am proud to say that I used full manual on the camera for probably 95% of my shots, and some of them are really beautiful! Thank you also for introducing me to so many people. I found everyone to be very helpful and supportive and kind.
— Teresa


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